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Therapeutic Services

The aim of therapeutic work is to promote personal change, changes in thinking, emotional functioning, and behaviour. Many of the young people are placed with us because they have not responded to conventional therapeutic approaches. We recognise that a new, creative, flexible,


“We recognise that a new,
creative, flexible approach
is required.


We recognise that a new, creative, flexible, approach is required. Programmes are built around the specific needs of each young person with a view to reducing personal distress; promoting recovery from mental health difficulties; improving personal functioning; and acquiring appropriate behavioural self-management and coping skills. 

Our belief is that a multi-disciplinary approach is the key to enabling our children and young people to receive the best possible help. Experience has helped us to understand that access to a variety of skills and theoretical perspectives assists both the staff and young people to achieve the desired outcomes. 

In order to access this range of help we work with Midland Psychology Services who provide us with matched psychological and therapeutic interventions.