Care & Management Services

Stepdown is a service which facilitates the transition from childhood into adulthood. As an organisation we have come to understand the difficulties and anxieties for young people that becoming an adult brings. 


“There are some young people for
whom traditional residential
services have been unsuccessful. 


There are some young people for whom traditional residential services have been unsuccessful. 

We have developed the Stepdown service with the aim of supporting young adults between the ages of 16 and 25.

The provision of an alternative residential service has allowed many of these young people the opportunity to live safely and to succeed. Skills training, confidence building and risk management are all important aspects of the service which enable safe placements within the community. 

Each Stepdown provision is fully staffed to facilitate intensive support for those young people whom are deemed to need adults to ensure their safety and security. There is the additional comfort that extra staffing can be provided for those young adults who require a more intense supervision arrangement to manage their risk. 

There is gender specific accommodation which caters for those young adults who are not able to live within a mixed environment. 

Some young people in our care have, for a variety of reasons, been unable to accomplish the transition by the point they reach 18. They may need additional support and services well into adulthood from staff who understand their emerging needs. The ultimate aim is to support young adults to gain their own tenancy with the least amount of floating support from staff. 

This may be a own regular visit to ensure medication has been self-administered once a day, to more intense packages of support which spans over the course of a day. 

Each young person will work with staff to achieve their own Young Adult Development Plan which runs alongside their Pathway Plan. This details the programme of work which has been identified in order to optimise their safe integration within their local community.